Jewellery Repairs & Alterations

Things happen, stuff like your wooly jumper pulling a diamond out of your ring, your fingers got a bit smaller or bigger or you simply misshaped your ring after trapping your finger in a door..

We've seen it all! 

This is why we offer a fully comprehensive list of services that will keep your jewellery in the best condition, no matter what strange things may happen to it!  


Ring Re-Sizing

Platinum & Gold 
Includes Rose & White gold. Price may increase if going above 3 ring sizes - £30.00


White gold needs to be re-rhodiumed every 12 months to keep it bright white - £25.00


Stone Spinning Or Fallen Out?

Stone Setting
Have your loose stones set into new or existing jewellery - £50.00

Claw Replacement
Over time claws on jewellery can become weak or break resulting in stones falling out or catching clothes - £30.00

Stone Replacement
We have access to the finest gemstones available in the world, let us know the gemstone you want including the carat weight, shape and colour and we'll get back to you within a day with the most competitive price in the UK.


Jewellery Re-Modelling

Have old rings that are too dated for your taste? Have a loose stone that you want putting into a solitaire pendant? Choose a new mount for your existing stones - From £200.00


Jewellery Repairs & Alterations

Safety Chains
Bracelet keep coming undone & falling off? Its time for a safety chain - From £15.00

Need jump rings being made more secure or want charms put on a bracelet? Soldering is the answer! - £15.00

Chain Alterations
For those who want an existing chain being shortened or extended - From £20.00


Jewellery Cleaning

Clean & Polish
Makes your items look brand new and injects life back into your diamonds - £10.00


How To Get Your Jewellery To Us

Well, its rather simple.

Just go to the contact page and leave us a message to send you a pre-paid Royal Mail Special Delivery Bag, these are fully tracked and insured up to £2,500 so no need to panic!

We'll send you an estimate as soon as we receive it, theres no obligation if you want it sent back without being repaired.

Once the repair has been completed we will send your jewellery straight back to you, once we have professionally cleaned it on the house of course. 

Please note that prices are dependant on current precious metal prices and weight of said metal required.