Our Story

Our Concept

JC Jewellery was founded on the premise that with the advance in modern technology, manufacturing and e-commerce, it was possible to create a new breed of jeweller that differs from your average high street jeweller by offering a new concept of customer experience. The ambition was not only to offer the finest jewellery hand-made in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter all in one place, but to offer the highest possible standard of individual customer service with the finest quality stones sourced from around the world, which outcompete even the finest branded jewellery companies. But most importantly, we wanted to offer this standard of jewellery at prices so low that other jewellery retailers could not even compete.

The Reality

Today, 4 years after offering our services in independent shops in Leicestershire, we have managed to achieve our ambitions, having created a brand that speaks quality on all levels of fine jewellery whilst offering a unique new concept to modern day bespoke jewellery that is not offered anywhere else. With dedicated jewellery designers and an array of award-winning goldsmiths & diamantaires, we can proudly offer a truly luxurious experience at affordable prices. Our valued customers can arrange home visits from our professional designers and create their own original one-off piece they have always dreamed of or choose from our vast inventory of original, traditional & delicate designs, all in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Founder

Our founder Jack Cherry, is a first generation jeweller, self-taught goldsmith and investor in precious metals and stones. He also holds a degree in business management and leadership which has undoubtedly allowed him to create and build relationships within the very closed and secretive diamond industry, gaining trust from an array of customers, retailers and manufacturers.

It all started when Jack began to experiment with the stock market at the age of 18, where he quickly realised the potential and financial security of precious metals, which ignited his passion for investing in gold and silver bullion. It was not long after this that the natural path to precious stones and jewellery opened its doors and Jack taught himself the ins and outs of diamonds, goldsmithing and the retail jewellery industry.

After 3 years of studying for his degree, trading antique jewellery & working for an independent jeweller as a bespoke designer, the perfect opportunity came to bring his passion to life and offer it to the public.

Our Prices

As an online retailer and bespoke jeweller, by having our own jewellery designers and stone specialists who come to you, we are able to keep overheads to a minimum and provide you with prices up to 50% lower than the high street. We understand that when looking for jewellery most people want to see it in person beforehand, this is why if you arrange a free consultation with us, we bring our stones, mounts and wedding bands with us.